CTRL ALT ESC Escape Rooms Margate is a family run, escape room business based in the heart of Margate, Kent.

An escape room is a real life, adventure game. You and your team must find clues and solve puzzles to 'escape' the room!
Perfect for friends, families, couples, corporate team building and parties!
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Try a NEW escape room experience at CTRL ALT ESC Escape Rooms Margate

We design and build our own rooms, sets, props and puzzles, which means we can come up with new and unique games that you won’t have experienced anywhere else!
 With a BACKGROUND IN TECHNOLOGY, we have incorporated it behind the scenes to create a wider variety of puzzles, and offer a personalised, immersive experience!
 Offering an extended play time of 90 MINUTES with ZERO PADLOCKS, you won’t find any other escape rooms quite like these: Even SEASONED ESCAPE GAMERS get something new out of our rooms!

We LOVE what we do, we hope you do too!

As a family who loves escaping together, we wanted to take our passion for escape rooms a step further. We challenged ourselves to come up with NEW and EXCITING escape room games.
 FRANKENSCAPE was the first room to open in August 2017 at CTRL ALT ESC and due to its outstanding reviews, a second room SPACESCAPE was created and opened in March 2018.


 Exciting times ahead!

DETENTION will open January!
 And GHOSTS ON THE GO - A BRAND NEW OUTDOOR GAME - will be released in 2019!


Thank you for supporting a local, family run business.